The Creation of the Jubilee Wood

On Friday the 24th February 2012, we set about creating a wood in Bilbrook to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of our monarch; Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This was the first major projest the Friends of Bilbrook had undertaken.  All 420 trees were donated by the Woodland Trust including an Oak tree grown from an acorn from the Royal Sandringham Estate.  The idea was to leave a lasting legacy to the village but also better use the green space by Old Farm Drive and Millennium Way.  After months of planning and obtaining permission from the Council and the Environment Agency and objections from neighbours, we finally went ahead.


All the community were invited to attend and we split the event into 2 days.  The Friday was for the local schools and playgroups to attend, and the Saturday for the public.  On Friday children from Bilbrook playgroup,  ABC Childcare, Lane Green First School and Bilbrook Middle School attended.  Also present was the Forest of Mercia CIC who put on a special treasure hunt and Woodallion making activities for the children.

On Saturday we were joined by Air Cadets from 2078 Boscobel Squadron as well as members of the community.  We continued with the great work from the day before and soon had all the trees planted.  By mid afternoon all the trees were in and we finished off with a ceremonial planting of the Royal Oak and a group photograph.

We were blessed with lovely weather too, so nice in fact as we had to water all the newly planted trees it was so warm.

Update.  If you visit the wood today and compare it with the pictures taken in 2012, you wouldn’t know you were visiting the same place.  It has changed so much, for the better I think you’ll agree.


Bilbrook Middle School

The Forest of Mercia CIC

ABC Childcare

Bilbrook Playgroup

Lane Green First School

The Woodland Trust

South Staffordshire Council

2078 Air Cadets