Jubilee Wood Hibernacula Creation

On 20th May 2015 we created two hibernaculum in the Jubilee Wood.  Hibernacula creation was one of the recommendation made in the Ecological Audit Report which the council commissioned on our behalf  and which was undertaken by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

Home Sweet Home

Hibernacula are winter refuges for reptiles and amphibians.  They contain wood and bricks.  The bricks provide the little nooks and crannies for the creatures to live in and the wood, which rots down, provides food source for the creatures to live off during the winter.All the materials needed were donated by South Staffs Council and Codsall Paving kindly donated the turf which was laid on top to hold the soil in place and provide a bit of camouflage.  Hopefully it won’t be long before its in use.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust