Bilbrook Railway Station Signs Renovation

For some years the Bilbrook Railway Station sign had been looking very tired and in need of some TLC.  It also cast Bilbrook in a poor light to residents of the village and to visitors from the train.  During one of the committee meetings we decided to do something about it.  Firstly we contacted London Midland Railways to seek permission and ask them to fix the broken , missing and slipped flagstones, which they did.  Then on 1 June 2017 the Friends of Bilbrook, along with employees from London Midland Railway, got together to give the signs on both platforms a clean and repaint.  Firstly we set about removing the weeds and moss which had accumulated over the years then using paint which had been donated to us by a member of the group, we masked yp the lettering, repainted the black background, followed by the white lettering.

Rain Stops Play

Unfortunately the weather was against us on the first day and we had to stop painting due to the rain.  However we weren’t to be deterred and finished off the painting a couple of days later.   Visitors to the village and passing passengers on the train can now see that Bilbrook is loved and cared for by its community.  The plan now is for the surrounding flag stones to be adorned with hand decorated tiles by students from Bilbrook Middle School.  Watch this space.