Extending the Wildflower Meadow

We have been busy the last couple of days preparing the ground for the extension of the wild flower meadow in the Jubilee Wood. Contrary to what some might think, these meadows actually take a lot of work in order to thrive. Firstly we have to cut the flowers, we have chosen to do this the traditional way using a scythe. Then the new ground has be cleared of undergrowth, again we wanted to do this as traditionally as possible, without the use of chemicals. Once this is done the ground is raked to expose the soil.  Then we will transfer the cuttings from the old meadow onto the new ground, over time the seeds will drop onto the soil and germinate and fingers crossed, next year we will a new meadow. Hopefully every year we will be extending the meadows to provide more habitat for our wild flowers and the hundreds of insects and animals that rely on them to survive. If anyone is interested in helping us please get in touch. It’s a great way of doing good for your environment, getting some fresh air and keeping fit.  In order for wildflower meadows to thrive they need quite a bit of work.