Surveying for Small Mammals

Proof that all the hard work in Jubilee Wood is paying off.

Over the last couple of days, the Friends of Bilbrook and South Staffordshire College at Rodbaston have been surveying the Jubilee Wood for small mammals. 40 humane traps were put out on Tuesday afternoon with students from the College. Then, yesterday morning we were joined by pupils from Lane Green First School as we opened the traps to see what we’d found.

The results were brilliant, way above our expectations! 4 different types of mammal were found; wood mouse, bank vole, field vole and common shrew. After details had been taken, they were released back into the wild where they were found.

This discovery is great news for the wildlife in Bilbrook. All the hard work which the Friends of Bilbrook have done creating the right habitat for wildlife has paid off. Clearly the wood is full of life and this will only improve as more features are added to the wood.

If you haven’t been down to the Jubilee Wood, why not? It’s easily accessible from Old Farm Drive, Millennium Way and there’s parking, with wheelchair access, on Watery Lane.

If you want to join the Friends of Bilbrook either get in touch through Facebook or email