Bilbrook Codsall Scouts Make Insect Hotels

On Thursday 17th November 2016, 1st Bilbrook Codsall Scouts helped the Friends of Bilbrook make insect hotels for the Jubilee Wood.  All the wood was cut and prepared beforehand by the Chairman and the scouts brought in materials to put inside the frames.  The scouts were split into their patrols and set about making the boxes first under the watchful eyes of the scout leaders and adult helpers.  Once the boxes were finished then the materials were put inside, the scouts did a great job of putting them together using lots of imagination and ingenuity.  Then came the clear up, which took nearly as long as the construction.  Finally all the hotels were put together for a final photo.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was really good to see the scouts getting stuck in to problem solve and work together.

What a credit the young men are to the Scouting movement, Bear Grylls should be proud.

Insect Hotels

Insect hotels are designed to provide a habitat for bugs to hibernate in.  Insects such as ladybirds, lacewings, beetles, earwigs, solitary bees and wasps all like to take residence in them for the Winter.  These hotels will compliment all the other habitats which the FoB have created to help our beleaguered wildlife.  The insect hotels will be affixed to trees by the scouts in the Jubilee Wood in the coming weeks.

The creation of wildlife refuges is an annual project partnership between the Friends of Bilbrook and 1st Bilbrook Codsall Scouts.  There have been 3 projects so far; bird nesting boxes, bat roosting boxes and insect hotels.

1st Bilbrook Codsall Scouts