Installing the Scouts’ Insect Hotels

The 5 insect hotels which had been made by the Bilbrook Codsall Scouts earlier this year were put into position over the weekend.  The Hotels were adapted slightly by the chairman with the addition of wire mesh to prevent the contents falling out.  Different locations around the area were chosen which would hopefully provide a winter refuge to the variety of insects which now live in the Jubilee Wood.  We concentrated around the area of the wildflower meadow so that pollinators would find a winter home ready to do their important work next year pollinating the flowers and hopefully prolonging the life of the meadow year on year.

Ongoing Project

Our project with Bilbrook Codsall scouts takes place every year, where the scouts make various shelters for the wildlife living in the Jubilee Wood.  So far they the scouts have made bird nesting boxes, bat roosting boxes and insect hotels.   This year all the materials for the hotels were provided by the scouts.  We were also given air bricks which have been put into the Moat Brook as these provide ideal shelters for endangered indigenous White Clawed Crayfish, which we have living in the brook.

1st Bilbrook Codsall Scouts