We’re on Google Street View!

Having been successful in applying for a 360° camera loaned to us from Google, we’ve been busy putting some images of the Jubilee Wood onto Google maps.  This is to allow visitors to the Google maps website to see the Jubilee Wood in 360°.  Although it’s early days and we’re still getting up to speed with using the camera, they do allow visitors to the website be able to see the wood, if they can’t get down there themselves.

In time we hope to upload more images with some taken in the Summer.  At the moment, because it’s winter,  the images don’t show the wood in its best light.  When Summer comes however, the wildflower meadow will be in full bloom and the trees will be in full leaf and you will be able to view the images in glorious  naturecolour®.

If you want to view the 360° images,  go onto the Google maps website and search for: The Friends of Bilbrook Jubilee Wood.  It’s probably best viewed in satellite mode.  Once you’re there, pick up the yellow stick man and dangle him over the wood.  All the sites which we’ve taken pictures of so far will appear as little blue circles.  Drop the yellow man onto one of these circles and hey presto you’re there! Then move your pointer around to see all the wood.

Better still, visit the wood yourself, it’s open 24/7/365.

Google Maps