A Wild Day for Bilbrook pupils

On Friday the 19th of May we hosted children from Lane Green First and Bilbrook Middle Schools hunting for wild life in the Jubilee Wood and Moat Brook.  The day was split in half with the children from the First School vising in the morning and the Middle School in the afternoon.  We were very lucky too as the weather was gorgeous.  The groups were divided in two, with half the group going on a bug hunt in the Jubilee Wood and the other group carrying out a kick survey of the Moat Brook.  The pupils from Lane Green First School also had a pooh sticks competition using sticks they had made previously in class.

Firstly all the pupils and staff had to have their boots cleaned using special disinfectant.  This was to stop any harmful diseases or viruses being carried from other polluted water sources on the boots of the pupils, from entering the disease free Moat Brook water.

Kick Survey

The kick survey results were very impressive, species were identified by the children using special charts.  The different species were then noted down and will be passed to the Environment Agency who use these results are used to gauge how healthy the brook is.  It’s safe to say the Moat Brook is still very healthy.  Species identified were:

Freshwater shrimp, cased caddis fly, leech, bullhead fish, stickleback fish, mosquito larvae, water mite, water snail, flattened mayfly nymph, swimming mayfly nymph, mayfly – ephemerellidae and ephemeridae, freshwater hog-louse, water beetle

As you can see there there was a lot to see which kept the pupils busy trying to identify each species.

Bug Hunt

The bug hunt was equally impressive, species identified in the wood included:

Beetle, frog hoppers, wood louse, centipede, millipede, spider,  worm,  snail, bee and butterfly.

So it’s plain to see that the wood and brook are full of life and are providing a great, clean habitat for a lot of creatures.  All these insects are part of the food chain and provide food for larger insects and animals, which are abundant in the area thanks to the work of the Friends of Bilbrook.

If you haven’t yet visited the Jubilee Wood what are you waiting for?