More street trees are planted in Bilbrook

Continuing with our project to see more trees in the village, FoB volunteers were out in Bilbrook on Thursday planting another 8 trees along the road verges. The species planted were silver birch, wild cherry, field maple and English oak. The trees will help alleviate local flooding, reduce pollution and CO2 and provide much needed wildlife habitats. Street trees also contribute to reduced crime rates and increase property prices. Aren’t trees just amazing?

So far we have planted 28 trees in Bilbrook and plan to add to this number every year.

A big thank you to Materials Recovery Ltd and the players of the South Staffordshire Community lottery whose donationations paid for the trees and materials.

This long term project is aimed at planting as many trees in the village as possible. However we are conscious that trees aren’t popular with everyone especially if they are close to property. If you have a patch of verge grass near your home in Bilbrook and would like a tree planted on it please get in touch and we will note its location for future planting. Some areas are unsuitable due to underground pipe work, electric cables or obscuring vision for motorists but if we can, we would like to plant trees on every available patch of verge grass.