Volunteer Days with the National Citizen Service

As part of our continuing work with the National Citizen Service, we hosted another 12 students from the Wolverhampton area.   The volunteers, aged between 15 and 17, joined us on 2 occasions, to mulch our young trees in the Jubilee Wood and and taking part in a community litter pick.

Tree Mulching

To give our young trees the best start, the base of the trees are covered in a thick layer of tree cuttings.  This has two effects, it stops grass and other plants from establishing themselves at the base of the tree and competing for  valuable nutrients in the ground.  It also keeps the ground around the base of the tree moist which keeps the soil damp and allows for vigorous root growth, essential for all small trees.

Litter Pick

The volunteers did a great job and picked up an impressive 13 bags of litter as well as 2 abandoned car batteries.