Bird Ringing in Jubilee Wood

A Damp Start

On a damp Saturday morning in December,  we held our first public ringing session with a local bird ringing group based in Brewood.  Special, fine nets were set up in the wood as well as feeders to encourage the birds in.  A recording of birdsong was also played to attract the birds to the nets.  The object of the exercise is to catch as may birds as possible and fit them with a unique ring which will identify the bird should it be caught again.  It is intended to have regular ringing sessions so over time we will be able to build up a database of bird species and age of the birds visiting and living in the Jubilee Wood.


The conditions were fare from great, ideally you want it as dry as possible, however despite this, 6 different species were caught, they were: coal tit, blue tit, great tit, bullfinch, goldfinch, blackbird and song thrush.  A total of over 60 birds caught and ringed.  There were a lot more species of birds in the wood, unfortunately they stayed away from the nets.

Nesting Boxes

We intend to have a session next spring when the chicks in the nesting boxes will be ringed before they fledge.  This will an amazing opportunity to see the chicks close up.