Evening bat walk a great success

On a warm summer’s evening in August, once again residents and bat lovers gathered in the Jubilee Wood to take part in the third annual bat walk.  Firstly there was a short tour of the Jubilee Wood by the chairman who explained some of the work the Friends of Bilbrook have carried out. Then, bat expert Shaun Pope from Staffordshire Bat Group, hosted us for a couple of hours walking around the wood and the Moat Brook looking for bats.  Although not the best of conditions for bat spotting, the weather was kind and we were treated to plenty of bats appearing on Shaun’s high tech bat detector.

High Turnout

This year was the best turnout from our followers and it is encouraging to know that there are plenty out there who are interested in wildlife and eager to learn about these amazing creatures and what they do for us all.

New Species

To coincide with the great human turnout, we also had a great bat turnout including a new specie

s never recorded before in the Jubilee Wood, the daubenton’s bat.  This species adds to the list of 4 bats previously recorded: Soprano and common pipistrelle, noctule and brown long eared bat.  Although impossible to know, we’re certain that the habitat improvements carried out last year have had a contributory factor in encouraging bats into the wood.

More Habitat

Last year we put up 15 bat boxes along the brook and later on this autumn we will be carrying out improvements to the Moat Brook which will encourage more wildlife into the area as well as creating

habitats for aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates, the latter of which provide a valuable food source for bats.