More Street Trees

As part of our annual project to plant street trees in Bilbrook, volunteers gathered on 12 December 2020 to help plant another 13 trees along the road verges in our village on Bilbrook Road, Duck Lane and Joeys Lane.  These replaced trees which had been removed during the previous 12 months by the County Council as well as planting some new ones on open spaces.  The County Council will not replace removed trees so we have taken upon ourselves to perform this vital service so that our village continues to look green and pleasant.

Amazing Trees

But this is not about aesthetics, street trees are really important as they perform a vital role in this age of climate crisis.  Not only do they sequester Carbon Dioxide (a greenhouse gas), but they also help alleviate flood risk during periods of high rainfall.  Trees soak up pollution from internal combustion engine vehicles, help reduce noise pollution, provide habitats for wildlife, increase property prices and just make us feel good.  With so many amazing qualities, you’d think the council would be planting them everywhere.  We have planted trees on the road verges which wont grow too big, or need much maintenance in the future.  These are wild cherry and rowan.  Oaks were also planted on the open spaces on Duck Lane and Bilbrook Road.

Thank You

Thanks to players of the South Staffs Community Lottery, we are able to buy the trees, the equipment and even hire a van to make this happen.  Without the support of the lottery, none of this would be possible.